Sunita Lamba

Awarded the gold medal in Olympic fine arts 2008 in Beijing Museum, Sunita Lamba is equally adept in sculpture, painting and graphics. Innovative in both her designs as well as the medium she uses to express her creativity, Sunita's approach to sculpting is multifarious. She works in clay, bronze, fibre and steel. The interesting thing about her creations is that while she tilts heavily towards humanistic forms in her sculptures, her paintings show her preference for nature, with abstractionist landscapes being her forte. Her steel sculptures have also won her rave reviews, with critics appreciating her ability to turn flat steel sheets into a viable visage. In fact, with steel she says, it’s a continuing experiment in creating new imageries. She has held several shows, since she started out in 1991 and her creations adorn the collections of connoisseurs in both India and abroad.   

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