Sukanya Aynakus

A post-graduate in Industrial Design from IIT, Mumbai, Sukanya started her career as a government officer in India. However, the lust to learn more in life made her break norms, travel the world and discover the artist in her. Sukanya's subjects vary widely – from emotions, women, Krishna, Ganesha, Buddha and abstract forms to her favorite animal, the cat. Just like her subjects, her styles and media also vary from painting to painting. Now based in San Francisco, Sukanya draws inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of Bengal, in particular Jamini Roy's bold, colourful paintings and the intense poetry of Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. She visualizes through realism and expresses through abstraction and her ethno-contemporary style is a reflection of her own joie de vivre. Sukanya has sold her paintings to private collections, with most of her earnings donated to children of special needs and polio in India.   

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